Friday, July 23, 2010

Carpet Shoes

Lately I admit I have become a bit obsessed with carpets and things carpet-like i.e. these two adorable pairs of what I like to call "carpet heels." First we have a more colorful pick from Irregular Choice, I swear Mary Poppins herself has these shoes! If they couldn't get any cuter, you look through the back of the clear heel to see another colorful pattern on the sole. Now if there is anything I am crazy about its a colorful jacket lining or a fun shoe bottom! It's that element of surprise that gets me every time! The second pair are from Jeffery Campbell and a bizarre pairing of Danish clog meets Persian rug..and it works!! Slap on your crochet sundress and a braid and your ready to run in the daisy fields!

Awesome shoes were found on an awesome website... (not only a place for rad shoes!)

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