Friday, May 28, 2010

Look Inside My Make-up Bag

Alot of people ask me what my favorite make-up products are or what I use, well, here is a sneak peek inside my make-up bag and some of my all time favorites. Although most of my products are purchased in the holy land, a.k.a. Sephora, one of my best kept secrets is that all my foundation is purchased at the drug store. I, like many others, have a skin condition on my face called keratosis pilaris or most commonly called KP. Basically, it is a hereditary condition (thanks mom and dad) that looks like little red goosebumps or chicken skin on my cheeks giving me a permanent splotcy blush that I despise. I have tried every foundation on the market ranging from $100 to $10 and surprisingly the $10 not only works the best but stays put all day and night long! I am also a fan of mixing formulas to get better coverage in the areas I need it. I love putting a light coat of the Almay TLC foundation on and then going over the spots that need extra coverage with the new Loreal Foundation with built in roller applicator. The roller brush is just like a paint roller for your face and it gives you the best even coverage you will ever get. Another trick that I like is to not use brushes to apply my foundation, the warmth of your fingers serve as an excellent way for make-up to melt right into skin giving you the natural look that we strive for!

Sex and the City 2

Well, I just got back from seeing Sex and the City 2 and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Not being a fan of the story lines in the first film, I was glad to see that they could keep up with the clothes in the sequel. Earlier in the day I was browsing through US Weekly and saw an article on the cost of several outfits in the movie; $200,000 for the signature white dress shown in publicity photos. Blown away by this, I challenged myself to a little game of "hunt the deal" where I gave myself 15 minutes to find a replica outfit online. I think I did pretty well for the time allotted, so any of you girls looking for a Sex in the City type wardrobe but aren't a lawyer, writer, or publicist have a stab at my little never know what you'll find!
P.S. Patricia Field's website does replica pieces for the movie, so if you saw it in the movie you can most likely find a look alike on her website. Sometimes the prices are a little high but they also have some great deals, for example the clover necklace Carrie wears throughout the movie is a dead ringer for a fraction of the cost!!!
Dress-;Shoes and Necklace-

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Nails

Just a peek at three of my favorite nail colors for the Summer. Chanel Nouvelle, Nars Scelep, and Essie Hotpants!

Inspiration Pages

Inspiration pages for the Summer! Already being a turquoise lover makes this Western trend for jewelry a sure fire hit but overall, as I said before, I am loving the Global trend or Bohemian Global as I like to dane it. However, maybe it's the summer heat creeping up; that makes me want to slip on my clam diggers and scoot on down to the malt shop for a cold pop; bringing back the nostalgia of the All American trend. Part 50's, part preppy chic sure does make you want to lay out by the country club pool. Join in's gonna be a gas!

Harem Scarem

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of the harem pant. I have compiled a few pictures of my favorite harem styles from cyberspace. First we have the "country harem"... this look could be carried through to any season with small tweaks in undershirt and shoe choice which make it a very versatile look for a person first trying the trend. "Designer harem" is a very sophisticated look at a very playful pant. "Harem with print" is maybe one of the most bold harem looks and not to be tried by the faint of heart.... or style. "Exaggerated harem" is also bold but really obvious harem which I must say is probably my favorite look. Last but not least Disney harem.... no one does harem like Aladdin and Jasmine!
Designer Harem Nicole Miller; Exaggerated Harem Free People.

Surfer Chic

An arm full of bracelets (preferably made by a friend) stacked up on both arms so worn by the waves they are seconds from falling off embodies the essence of this trend. It is without a care, natural beauty that only you can pull out in the hottest months of the year. If you don't feel like shelling out the dough for expensive products do what I do.... DIY: mix equal parts sea salt, SPF lotion, leave in conditioner (or just a squirt of the conditioner you use in the shower), and water; then add a squirt of lemon..SHAKE...and your ready to hit the beach! I love the summers' new grown out tresses, its effortless and worn in, it also doesn't put a strain on that wallet because times are tough people....
Bag Pipe Dreams by Billabong;Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rugs Rugs Rugs

This ladies and gentlemen is the the Macaw rug on sale at and the new love of my life. Being that "Global Bohemian"is my new theme of the Summer I feel that this rug will breath new life into my apartment living room. The rug that this will be replacing was once love at first sight, however as soon as it made its depute in the room it has not stopped shedding for a whole year. My poor Roomba has been coughing up hair balls since I got it for Christmas....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ode to Tea

Tea... This little project is something I like to call "Ode to Tea." I acquired the tea pot and creamer pot from ebay after extensive searching. I spotted it on a recent episode of the new 90210, Erin Silver's apartment on that show would be the room I would live in if I died and went to heaven. Stained glass windows, tinted green paint, strings of lights, and rugs on the wall... guess you have to see it to appreciate. The cups are not a direct match but they do it for me and were acquired from Anthropologie (same brand as pots.) The shelf unit itself is a little shaky and could do with some daddy RNR but for now I'll keep them on the table unless I'm having company and refrain from door slamming.

Coffee or Tea

Coffee or Tea... a constant battle in my brain. Most people have a very strong opinion on which beverage they prefer as their morning delicacy. I constantly wavier back and forth on which type of day it will be. Today was a coffee day indeed. This is a picture of one of my favorite places, the balcony of my apartment. On days like today in the upper 70's it is the most sublime place to be since (by choice) my apartment stays at a frigid 57 degrees. Coming out here waisting time reading a book, people watching, or surfing the net is pure bliss. Today I am reading The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell and leafing through a Free People catalog that I retrieved from the boutique this afternoon on a sale hunt (pictures of my success to come) all while anxiously anticipating the arrival of Sex and the City 2 for the fabulous cloths and ridiculously delicious story lines. I'll keep you posted...