Thursday, July 15, 2010


Handmade jewelry is probably my favorite kind beside vintage because both tell a story. Handmade is made for you and is filled with the hard work and love that was put into every piece by its artist, whereas vintage jewelry has the story of the person that wore it before you and all that happened to them. Above are two of my favorite handmade pieces. The ring on the left is a sweet mix of vintage and handmade. Each mood ring is sterling silver and made to order by Miss Franky herself and can be found on under Sweet Nirvanas ( .) I stumbled upon her when Amanda Seyfried listed her ring as one of her favorite gift from a friend in Lucky magazine.
The second ring was also spotted in Lucky and it was love at first site. The Odin ring is fantastic and has a wonderful story available on the website as well( .)

When visiting my home town of Chincoteague Island, I ALWAYS have to make a stop at Guinevere's (or as I call it "The Fairy Store.") Walking into his store is like entering a magical universe. You can go in 20 times and still see something you didn't see on the 21st. It is full of fairies, mermaids, and queens depicted in beautiful paintings that fill the air with whimsy. Not only are there paintings but actual fairies flying around the store with glitter wings and colorful ribbons. The store combines the magical with the past and is a place you can find beautiful vintage bags, shoes, and beautiful soaps. Katherine Kiss is the artist behind the magic unfolding at Guinevere's. Above are pictures of a few of her works which I have acquired. The Queen of Tarts is a KKiss original work that hangs in my living room, where as the second and third paintings are prints that adorn the walls of my bed chamber.

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